How Did 1 Ton Split AC Become The Most Selling AC in India

Our lives would not be the same without the convenience of air conditioning. We put in a lot of effort at work, in our studies, and in our relaxation, sometimes prioritizing the latter. This allows us to maintain our comfort, our health, and our cool. 

Air conditioners account for a large portion of the power bill for all families who use air conditioners. If you’re concerned about how much your best AC brand is costing you in power, then investing in an energy-efficient one makes more sense. It is because of the 1 ton split AC price that it has become the most selling AC in India.

What is a 1 ton split ac?

The 1 ton split AC is a type of AC that uses inverter technology to provide an air conditioning system with effective cooling. It is a type of AC that is capable of cooling a larger area than a single-unit AC. It is also capable of cooling a smaller area than a whole AC system.

In a 1 ton split AC, the compressor is on the outside of the building, and the condenser is on the inside. This type of AC is known to be the most energy-efficient, as it has a smaller compressor and condenser unit.

The success story

Behind every great product is a great story. The story is what makes a product popular. In the case of AC, 1 ton split AC became popular because of the power efficiency and cooling that it can offer.

The 1 ton split AC price is also a lot more cost-effective and is more efficient than a regular AC. This 1 ton split AC is a perfect AC for everyone who wants to have the best cooling and air quality.

This 1 ton split-AC can be installed easily and is known for its impressive performance and superior designs. Moreover, these 1-ton split ACs are ideal for bedrooms that have a small floor area. 

What are the most reputable and best AC brands for 1 ton split ACs?

There are a lot of choices in the one-ton split AC category. In India, manufacturers of dependable 1 ton air conditioners include brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Mitsubishi, O’General, and Bluestar. All of these products may be found on Bajaj Finserv. Which is India’s biggest online marketplace for home appliances and has them all in stock.

Because of modern technology, health benefits, and energy efficiency, consumers are more aware of what they want. They now have a wide range of brands and product offers to choose from as a result.

The 1 ton split AC price range

The price of a one-ton split AC is a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind that an AC is often a one-time purchase that you’ll be using for ten years.  The price ranges from Rs 22,000 to Rs 36,000, depending on the brand, features, and capacity of the product. 

Comparing 1 ton split AC prices at Bajaj Finserv will help you choose the appropriate split AC to meet your requirements. The fact that there is a payment plan that can be split into equal monthly payments is another thing that has helped the product sell more.

The 1 ton split ACs are equipped with the latest features

1 ton air conditioners are packed with interesting features like Golden Eva coils that protect your AC from precipitation, sea air, and other contaminants. There are also ACs that come with a rapid cooling capability. Ensuring that the temperature drops quickly enough to ensure that the cold air reaches all parts of the room. 1-ton air conditioners with inverters not only cool better. But also save energy because the compressor motor slows down and fewer refrigerants are used.


1 ton split ACs are a growing trend in the Indian market and we hope this article was informative and was able to help you make your decision on which split AC to buy. Head to Bajaj Finserv to browse through a variety of air conditioners and buy one at an affordable price.

At Bajaj Finserv, you can compare 1 ton split AC price and make a purchase.

At Bajaj Finserv, you can choose from a wide range of 1 ton split air conditioners at affordable prices. There are many no cost EMI choices available to pick from. In addition to extended warranty plans that can be selected for your goods. With these options, you might be able to keep your equipment in perfect shape for a few months after you buy it.

Be on the lookout for amazing bargains and discounts offered by Bajaj Finserv if you are searching for the best 1 ton split AC price. While you shop online at Bajaj Finserv for an air conditioner. You can also take advantage of their convenient installation service.

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