What is the Meaning of a Stamp?

If you ask what the meaning of stamps is, I think it is a question that for stamp collectors, there are a thousand Hamlets in the minds of a thousand people. Let’s talk about the meaning of stamps below.


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  1. There are many ways to collect stamps, such as exchanging with relatives and friends, buying by yourself, exchanging among collectors, or going to the stamp trading market.
  2. But no matter which way you collect stamps, you must first ensure the source of the stamps, and try not to collect stamps whose sources cannot be ascertained.
  3. Therefore, when we collect stamps, it is best to go to the regular trading market or buy them from credible people.

Master the common sense of philately

  1. Although the entry threshold for collecting stamps is very low, there is still a lot of knowledge that needs to be learned if you want to truly master the method of collecting stamps.
  2. We can usually buy some philatelic magazines, understand the history of stamps, and be familiar with the value of various stamps, and grasp the market trend, so that we can better collect stamps.
  3. In addition, you must learn how to distinguish the authenticity of stamps, because there are still many fakes in the stamp market, it is best to find an old collector to guide you, so as to avoid many detours.

Save Stamps Properly

After getting the stamps, we must keep them correctly, because most stamps are issued in limited quantities, and if one is damaged, one will be missing, which is the consensus of philatelists. Morrisons Discount Code NHS.

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How to Auction Stamps

In life, people often see stamps. In every era, there will be a stamp of the era. Stamps are actually humanistic works of art, and many people like to collect stamps.

Well, if you have a collection of stamps on hand. How should you go about auctioning stamps? The following is the experience provided by Xiaobian for your reference.


  1. Have a detailed understanding of your own stamps. For example: the year when the stamp was issued, the appealing features of the stamp, and what humanistic and artistic value the stamp has.
  2. Bao Liquan must pack the stamps well, so that he can see the exquisite pictures of the stamps, and he must find a way not to stain the stamps.
  3. Find a suitable auction company to auction stamps on. In the market, it is necessary to carefully compare and identify.
  4. Sign the auction contract with the auction company and perform relevant procedures.
  5. Get people’s attention aggressively by posting posters of auction stamps.
  6. Auction the stamps on the agreed date and follow the rules.

Which stamps are worth collecting in 2018

The author thinks that the current stamp market has undergone fundamental changes, what kind of stamps should be collected, taking advantage of the new stamps to be issued in 2018, specifically explain as follows, in a word.

I hope to collect according to a certain theme, not to accept all kinds of stamps, no The collection of themes is meaningless instead.


  1. The stamps for the Year of 1898 mentioned above are newly issued recently, as a series of zodiac signs, the prospects are good, and they can be used as collectibles.
  2. Chinese paper-cut. It is also a distinctive stamp with strong Chinese cultural characteristics, which can be collected.
  3. The 100th anniversary of the founding of the China Academy of Art is also a commemorative stamp with outstanding subjectivity that can be put into the warehouse.
  4. Dream of the Red Chamber III. It not only has the characteristics of Chinese painting, but also has the characteristics of traditional Chinese literature, and is very collectible. It is a variety worth looking forward to.
  5. works of contemporary art. It is a microcosm that reflects the development level of contemporary Chinese local art, and it is worth looking forward to.
  6. Ancient Chinese scientists and works, modern national heroes, Qu Yuan and integrity are also worthy of expectation.

How to collect stamps correctly? Three Tips for Collecting Stamps

  1. Stamps are the business card of a country. With the improvement of people’s collection awareness, more and more people like to collect stamps. But, do you know how to collect a stamp? Let me introduce to you the three major skills of stamp collection
  2. First of all, collecting stamps needs to distinguish between true and false. With the booming stamp collection market, there will inevitably be some fake stamps.
  3. Especially some stamps with high collection value and few in number, which are more likely to be counterfeited, such as the first round of monkey stamps. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the authenticity of stamps before collecting them.
  4. Secondly, collecting stamps needs to look at the appearance. The appearance is the key to determining the collection value of a stamp. If the appearance is very different, its collection value will also be very different.
  5. The price of a full-quality monkey ticket may be as high as tens of thousands of yuan, while a monkey ticket with a quality of less than 6 grades may be ignored by no one. Hobby Craft Voucher Codes at NHS Discount Code.
  6. Finally, it is necessary to look at the background and circulation of stamps. As the saying goes, rare things are expensive. The same goes for postage stamp collections.
  7. The rarer the number of stamps issued, the more unique the background of the stamps, the higher the collection value of stamps, and the more worthy of people’s collections.

How to Collect Some Stamps

Stamps can make us happy, and there are many stamp lovers now. The Stamps are a kind of mood for collectors, and they can also be a part of life. Stamps have many memories.

As ordinary lovers of stamps, we can choose some Ordinary stamps. And don’t need to spend more money to buy some stamps, unless we understand the value of stamps

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