Gift Ideas For Brothers Who Love Technology

The Rakhi festival is a traditional celebration that happens on a special day in the Hindu calendar. People celebrate it with a lot of excitement and happiness. Sisters put a special string around their brother’s wrist. They ask God to take care of their brother and give each other presents. Instead of waiting until the last minute to buy gifts for Rakhi, it’s better to start looking for rakhi gift for brother ahead of time. Choose a present that is the best fit for your brother and avoid feeling unsure. There are many great choices for Rakhi gifts that can make your sibling happy.

Think about what he likes and what he needs in order to pick a gift that he would appreciate. Discover unique rakhi gift ideas for your technology enthusiast brother at Bloomsvilla. in, which will undoubtedly enhance the excitement and create lasting memories on this special day.

Smart speakers 

They have built-in virtual assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, that can be activated by voice commands. Make your brother happy on this special occasion by giving him this cool gadget. He can also make sure you wake up on time, control things in your house that can connect to him, and talk to people who have an Echo or Alexa app. It lets you connect speakers using Bluetooth.


If your sibling loves music a lot, then giving them Bose SoundSport wireless headphones would be a great gift. This gadget is great because it keeps moisture away. This means your brother can listen to music for a long time without any problems. The headphones can be used for six hours without needing to recharge, and it takes two hours to fully charge them.


This is a great Rakhi gift idea for your brother, especially if he really loves playing games. This new device can connect with other devices without using wires, even if they are more than ten meters apart. 

Smart wearable 

Make your brother happy on this special day by giving him the perfect gift that will help him stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. It weighs very little and cannot get wet. He can use smart wearable devices to see how much he sleeps and keep track of how many calories he burns. This smart device from Fitbit accurately tracks the time you spend exercising and the distance you run or jog.

Ear buds 

Make this celebration even more unique by giving earphones with his name on them. The newest earbuds provide a very captivating listening experience with high-definition sound quality. He will have fun using the internet without any interruptions while he listens to music while working out in a gym, walking or jogging, and dancing to the music. This product is designed to be resistant to sweat, and it has a playtime of more than five hours. Additionally, it has a voice assistance feature that will make your listening experience even better.

A special wireless charger for trendy individuals.

Give your brother this awesome wireless charger and he won’t have to worry about his phone running out of battery anymore. This device has helpful features like turning off when your phone is fully charged, controlling the temperature, and protecting against too much voltage. It also lights up with a small LED light to show that your phone is charging. Make it unique by adding a name.

Sun glass and a useful cash holder

This gift is really good and will definitely make your brother thankful. Does your brother often lose things. If so, this vegan leather wallet that has a solar-powered tracking card can make a great gift for him. The cool sunglasses will make him look better and he will always have his wallet with him.

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You can get some ideas for Rakhi gifts for your brother who likes technology. Pick a present that will be the best fit for your brother or sister. Look at this guide for tech gifts to find the right gift on Bloomsvilla’s online gift shop that will make him happy.

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