Best Glock 19 Upgrades

The Glock 19 has a lot of fans, thanks to its intuitive handling, simple operation, pairing with 9mm, and suitable capacity (15 rounds with the standard mag). It’s suitable for concealed carry, home defense, and competitive shooting.

But could a Glock 19 be better? You bet, with these Glock 19 upgrades.

A Threaded Barrel
A Glock 19 threaded barrel, in and of itself, is not really the Glock upgrade here – but it does enable a big one.

With a threaded barrel, you can then add a compensator, which is probably the single most impactful Glock 19 upgrade you can make with respect to recoil mitigation.

If you get a threaded barrel and install a compensator on your Glock pistol, you can reduce felt recoil by anywhere from 30% to as much as 50%.

That enables you to keep your sights on target, minimize muzzle flip, and make faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

And that counts, a lot.

You could also mount other muzzle devices, like suppressors, with a threaded barrel. Just make sure anytime you don’t have a muzzle device installed, you cover the threads with a thread protector.

(Actual) Iron Sights (or Night Sights)
The Glock 19 comes with polymer sights that are just, well, OK at best. They are average at best and one of the weak points in the platform, if there are any.

Two ways to upgrade the sight include installing actual steel iron sights that are far more durable, or installing night sights.

Probably the latter are more versatile overall. They enable you to stay hidden in the dark (no use of a WML) while enabling you to make much more accurate shots. You can also upgrade your Glock sights with fiber-optic sights that are better in low-light conditions, though not in the dark.

A Heavier Recoil Spring Guide
One of the great things about the G19 is the polymer frame.

One of the not-so-great things about the G19 is the polymer frame.

Yes, it sheds weight, which makes it easier to carry and fire these pistols. But that loss of weight also makes them less stable when firing.

A heavier recoil spring guide will add weight near the muzzle, which will help stabilize the platform while shooting. This Glock 19 upgrade plus a compensator is a great combo.

A Lighter Connector
The factory connector on a G19 produces a trigger pull weight of somewhere around 5 to 5.5 lbs. For some shooters, this is great, for others, it is a bit heavy.

Replacing the factory connector with a lighter connector can bring the trigger pull weight down a little, producing more desirable results.

Rarely can you find a Glock connector on its own, so if you can’t, get a Glock parts kit that contains a lighter one.

A Weapon-Mounted Light
Have you ever heard the expression, what you can’t see can kill you?

It’s true, and if you don’t go with night sights, as suggested above, a weapon-mounted light is a great alternative.

Also, the G19 is ready for it. It features a short section of rail under the barrel; other WMLs are trigger-guard mounted anyway, so there’s one for you.

Where Can You Get These Glock 19 Upgrades?
Looking for these and other Glock 19 upgrades? Check out MCS Gearup. They carry some of these as well as a wide range of Glock kits, and build kits and a wide range of parts for Glock handguns.

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