How To Draw A Cabin Easily

How To Draw A Cabin. Sometimes you must escape it all and enjoy a quiet time in nature.

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This excursion is popular worldwide and often enjoyed in a comfortable cabin as a starting point for outdoor adventures.

Cabins come in many different types and variations, and if you’ve always wanted to design your cabin, learning to draw a cabin is the next best thing!

This is the tutorial for you if that applies to you. So be sure to read it to the end!

Our step-by-step how-to draw a hut guide will show you how to create your outdoor shelter.

How To Draw A Cabin

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a hut, we will first draw the roof of the hut. You may want a ruler handy for the roof’s edges when drawing this.

The sides of the first half of the room will be at diagonal angles, and then there will be a slightly sloping horizontal line connecting the tops.

We use a different line type for the bottom edge of this roof side. Instead, this line is drawn as a series of small interconnected bumps.

Try to make these bumps reasonably regular, as they will later be drawn as the ends of the wooden slats.

To finish, draw some straight lines for the other edge of the roof and then finish with rougher lines for the beginning of the walls.

Step 2

Continuing to draw the hut, we now begin drawing the surrounding landscape of the hut before returning to the hut itself.

First, we’ll use slightly curved lines with pointed edges to create tall pine trees around the cottage.

We will then create some lawns around the cabin and a path leading to the future front door.

The last appearance we will draw in this part will be a smoking chimney made up of many small stones on the hut.

Step 3

In this guide to drawing a cabin, we will create a cozy log cabin. With this in mind, we will draw the walls in this step.

To do this, we use many crossing straight lines to create individual logs. The reference image will help you with positioning and show you the angles they should be at.

There will be openings for windows and a door, and you can add a small circle where the logs will be cut. The hut door is also directly above where the trail leads to it.

Step 4

Your cabin design already looks great! In this next step, we will add more environmental elements before we finish the cabin itself.

First, draw more pine trees on the right side of the cabin. These trees are drawn to resemble the others you drew and complement the scene well!

The next step is to finish the cabin yourself.

Step 5

In this step of our How to Draw a Hut guide, you will complete the hut by finishing the roof. As mentioned in the guide, the roof is made of several wooden slats.

To do this, draw a line from each bump you drew in the attic in step one.

This will help complement the effect of a log cabin nicely! Once the roof is complete, please add some of your details too!

Maybe you could add some features to the cabin, draw some wild animals around it, or draw a family in front of it!

Step 6

You can top off this final part of your cabin design with some awesome colors! We used some nice greens for the grass and pine trees, blues for the sky, and earthy browns for the cabin’s wood.

Our example image makes a great layout if you want to incorporate similar colors, but feel free to use other colors of your choice!

Once you know your colors, you can experiment with different artistic tools and mediums to get your desired hues.

Make sure you have fun with your creativity and see what you develop. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Your Cabin Drawing is Finished!

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