5 Reasons To Go For Dryclean Shop

Opting for a dry cleaning service might appear to be an avoidable cost or inconvenience for certain individuals. Nonetheless, there exist several advantages to making use of a professional dry cleaning facility that could validate the investment of both finances and time. Presented below are five rationales for selecting a dryclean shop near me over attempting a DIY cleaning approach for your clothing.

  • Expert Stain Removal

At home, stains often become permanent because typical laundry supplies are not strong enough to remove robust soils. Oil, grease, ink, wine, blood, and many other substances can bind irreversibly with fabric fibers, especially if allowed to set over time. Once such stains oxidize and interact with the material, they are impossible to remove by hand or machine washing.

Dry cleaners have an arsenal of professional grade equipment and solutions for stain removal. Powerful solvents like perchloroethylene can dissolve and lift oil-based stains without damaging most fabrics. Specialty pretreatments break down stubborn organic stains. Steamers help loosen and release dried or set-in spots. Repeated cleaning cycles remove residual soils for complete stain removal.

  • Deep Cleaning for Detailed Items

For some clothing items, online dry cleaning methods simply cannot clean as thoroughly as professional dry cleaning. Fabrics like wool, silk, and linen along with constructed garments like suits and evening gowns require deeper cleaning periodically. This is to maintain their original colors, structure, and texture over repeated wears.

The intense agitation and harsh detergents of a washing machine can degrade delicate fabrics over time. The motion breaks down fibers while strong cleaners strip away dyes and finishings. Something like a structured wool suit loses its shape as the lining and shoulder padding get distorted by machine washing. A gown’s layers and pleats get shifted and misaligned. The result is clothing that appears faded, limp, and poorly fitted after machine washing.

  • Less Shrinkage Risk for Delicates

Certain delicate fabrics are prone to shrinking when washed and dried at high temperatures. Fabrics like silk, wool, linen, and rayon are all natural fibers that can shrink irreversibly if exposed to hot water and intense heat. The fibers relax and contract when agitated in hot water during home washing. Even hand washing generates motion that causes the fibers to tighten up. Using cooler water reduces but doesn’t eliminate shrinkage risk in delicate natural fabrics.

Adding to the issue is that high heat from home dryers gets fabrics hot enough for fibers to tighten and warp. The constant tumbling motion of a dryer creates friction that can “felt” wool fibers together into a shrunken state. Other natural fabrics shrink in similar ways when subjected to frequent high heat drying.

  • Cost Savings from Longevity & Bulk Cleaning

While the unit price of dry cleaning an item may exceed that of a home wash, in the long run it can save you money. That’s because the deeper cleaning extends the lifespan of your clothes so you don’t have to replace them as often. You’ll also likely clean multiple pieces at once, which brings down the per item cost. Dry cleaners laundry bangalore charge by the piece rather than weight, so bringing several lighter items often costs the same as a few heavier pieces. You can drop off a whole week’s worth of dry cleaning at once. This convenience combined with the maintenance of your clothes over many wears makes the service worth the competitive prices at most professional cleaners.

  • No Wear on Clothes from Machine Drying

Using a hot clothes dryer can damage clothing over time. The constant tumbling motion rubs clothes against each other and the sides of the dryer. This friction causes pilling, which is when small balls of fabric form on the surface. Pilling gives clothes a worn, fuzzy look. The heat and rubbing can also break down elastic fibers in things like waistbands and cuffs. This leads to sagging and stretched out elastic that no longer holds its shape. Additionally, the intense tumbling can tear delicate stitching on clothing details like buttons and embroidered designs.

Air drying avoids these issues since there is no agitation or heat. But air drying has significant drawbacks too. Leaving clothes to air dry without tension means they can retain creases and stiffness when fully dry. Depending on humidity, air drying indoors may take 1-2 days or longer to fully dry an item. This delays being able to wear it again. Items dried flat outside wrinkle less but are still slow to dry and susceptible to environmental dust and dirt.


Taking that extra trip to the dry cleaner pays off through expert stain removal, fabric-reviving deep cleans, prevention of shrinkage, less wear, and long-term savings. While home laundry works for everyday clothes, having the dry cleaners care like Laundrology for your fine and delicate pieces helps protect your investment in quality apparel. Drop-off service and bulk cleaning options make it an easy habit to establish. With so many advantages, dry cleaning is a worthwhile clothing care service to use several times a season.

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