Which option is better for me, hair transplant or hair wigs?

Treating hair loss is no longer a big deal. Several advanced procedures are used to address this issue permanently. Hair transplants in Islamabad and hair wigs in Islamabad are deemed effective and the most sought-after hair loss treatment in Islamabad. Nowadays, people who want to get a better outlook and overall improved personality opt for one of them. Both options have pros and cons. Today, we will try to find the most suitable between these two hair treatment procedures.

Hair Transplant in Islamabad:

Hair transplant is a cutting-edge and the latest procedure designed to tackle hair loss or baldness. This procedure involves the insertion of hair follicles into the bald area of the scalp by extracting hair follicles from a donor site. Based on the removal of hair follicles, hair transplant can be divided into Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)and Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Islamabad

  • This procedure offers a permanent and lasting solution to hair loss or baldness
  • Hair grows naturally through this procedure, and also it grows hair resistant to genetic hair loss causes
  • This is deemed one of the safest and most secure aesthetic treatment, as donor hair are mostly extracted from the scalp of the patient
  • A seamless blend with the existing hair can be attained through this minimally invasive procedure

Pros of Hair Transplant

  • This is a permanent solution as it regrows hair naturally
  • This procedure creates a fine symmetry between newly transplanted and existing hair
  • Its downtime is quite minimal as an individual can resume his activities in a matter of a few days
  • This procedure is a versatile solution that deals with hair loss, receding hairlines, thinning hair, and bald patches

Cons of Hair Transplant

  • This procedure might be comparatively more expensive than other hair loss treatments
  • This is a surgical procedure, and like other surgical procedures, it also contains an element of risk
  • If the donor area is limited, this treatment will not offer desired results
  • Several side effects are associated with hair transplants in Islamabad, such as bleeding, swelling, infection, or scarring.

Hair Wigs in Islamabad:

Hair wigs are basically artificial hair coverings prepared to pretend to be natural hair. People who are encountering baldness or hair loss and are looking for non-surgical procedures usually choose this hair loss treatment. The application of the hair wig not only conceals hair loss or bald patches of the scalp but also improves an individual’s appearance and self-image. Hair wigs can be attained in various shapes and sizes based on individual requirements.

Benefits of Hair Wigs in Islamabad

  • This is an instant solution to hair loss, as you do not even need to wait for natural hair growth
  • A wide range of options are available to create the desired outlook of an individual
  • This procedure offers a mimic of natural and fuller hair head
  • Not only this non-invasive procedure hides hair loss and embellishes you with a mimic of natural-looking hair, but it also protects natural hair from sunlight and environmental damages

Pros of Hair Wigs in Islamabad

  • You can transform your physical appearance immediately
  • As a lot of options are available, so, an individual can get a wig based on his desire and the requirement of an event
  • This procedure does not involve any surgical procedure, making it a safe and secure cosmetic approach to treating hair loss
  • You can also remove the wig if you are not satisfied and can get another


  • This procedure only offers a mimic of natural hair
  • It does not restore natural hair growth
  • Constant use of wigs may cause irritation or discomfort
  • This is a temporary yet costlier hair loss treatment in Islamabad

Which option is better for me, hair transplant or hair wigs:

Based on the given information, we can state that both treatments have advantages and drawbacks. Hair transplant offers a permanent solution to hair loss issues, but this is a surgical procedure. On the other hand, hair wig does not involve any surgical solution, but it only offers temporary results. So, the answer to this question depends on an individual’s personal requirements and preferences. If a person is looking for a permanent solution, he may choose hair transplant. However, if an individual does not prefer surgical solutions, he may opt for hair wigs.

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