5 Family Trip Ideas That Will Keep You entertained and excited

The last few weeks have been filled with family fun. From visiting my parents, to going away on family trips, and even just hanging out at home all together… the last few weeks have been amazing. It’s so great to spend time with everyone and not worry about anything else! But sometimes the best way to keep your own group of friends entertained is by making a trip to Disney World, or some other theme park together. These are some great ideas for family getaway trips that will keep you and your kids busy for hours. And if you need some ideas for what to do during your stay at Disney World, check out our list of must-do activities for families visiting the theme parks together!

Dining with Cast Members at Disney World

If you have a large family, or you’re dealing with a picky eater, dining with cast members at Disney World is a great option. Cast members are on-site cast members, who have been living and working at the Disneyland Resort for decades. Many work at the Disney World Resort full-time, while others are only at the Disney World Resort part-time. These are some of the best jobs in the world.

Disney Cruise Line

If you’re lucky enough to be invited on a Disney Cruise Line trip, you are in for a real treat. For the kids, there are so many attractions and activities to do that they won’t know what to do with themselves. For the adults, there are endless things to do.

Attending a Live Music Show

If live music is your thing, you need to attend a show at Disney World. You are going to love every minute of it. From the opening song through to the finale, every moment is filled with excitement and anticipation. The show is almost guaranteed to be fun, and full of energy.

Visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

If you are lucky enough to be invited to go to Disney World as a family, and you have the time, the energy, and the patience for it, go to Disney World and visit Animal Kingdom, the Disney World of the animals. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure!

Finding Magic at Hollywood Studios

If you want to keep your family busy for hours, try to find some magic at Hollywood Studios. Start with the very basics: find a show that your kids like, and see if you can join them at one of the shows. If they don’t like the show, or if it’s a really bad day, don’t worry. Just find another show, and try again!

Shows and Musical Performances

If you are looking for ways to keep your family engaged, and interested in what’s going on around them, put on a show. There are so many ways to do this at Disney World. You can either stand in line for the shows, or find a spot in the audience to see behind-the-scenes looks at the shows, and more performance-focused shows.

Epcot: Future World in Disguise

If you have kids that love to imagine, and build, this is the ultimate trip for them. There are so many different areas to explore at EPCOT, that it’s nearly impossible to list them all. But this is a great way to start, as it will give you a general idea of where to go when your kids are older.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure in 3D

This one is for the hyper advanced kids. There are two ways to go on this trip. You can either go in 3D, or go on a non-3D ride. If you are a child that loves to explore, and wants to feel like they are really there, go in 3D. If not, go on a non-3D ride. This is almost like a regular park, but with a different perspective.


These are just some of the family fun ideas coming up at Disney World this summer. There are so many fun things to do at Disney World, and there’s never a bad time to visit. If you have kids, or you’re looking for a summer getaway for the entire family, these family travel ideas are sure to keep your group entertained and excited!

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